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We're heeere

Quickie update!

We're here in Beijing. Our internet connections are still getting hooked
up; it looks like they're tossing a 100' ethernet cable out our windows and
plugging it into the ADSL router in the office. They can only get a few
going a day, so I'm using Dr. Barlow's computer right now. It also looks
like the Great Firewall blocks Livejournal, which means I can only post via
email. I may or may not be able to post via text message.

So, we've been here for a night and two days now. Our flight in was the
shortest long flight ever -- we ended up going north over the top for a
13-hour flight. I slept through the better part of it, including all the

Beijing is beautiful; also, ridiculously smoggy. A lot of us have noticed
the difference in air quality, especially when we were walking a lot. We've
been shopping an awful lot, touristing the Forbidden City, strolling around
some lovely parks, and eating a fantastic amount of Chinese food. They just
bring out plates and plates of food and put them on the lazy susan. It's
amazing; also, delicious; except for the fish which we thought was beef
until we found the spines. Oh, Chinese food. Also, my Chinese language
skills are alternately horrible and passable. It's enough to shop with, but
barely enough to ask for a cup of water. (It's really hard to get a cup of
water around here; they prefer tea, Coke, and Sprite.)

Once the internets gets all hooked up here, I'll post again with pictures.
but hey, guys, I'm alive and eating well!

Zai jian!


Jul. 28th, 2008 11:43 pm (UTC)
Have fun! Be good!
Kate, Joe and I want you to remember to be good and have fun. We'll see you at Xmas!

Love, rj :)


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