July 14th, 2008

birds nest

Pre-trip jitters

Barely packed, barely ready, and it's barely a week away. Oh man oh man. I gotta get some stuff done and get ready!

What I have done is told all my great-aunts and great-uncles that I'll be going to China. Like, every single one on my mother's side of the family -- we went to visit my grandparents over 4th of July weekend and they were all quite thrilled that I'd be going +12hrs across the world.

I also told my hairdresser that I'd get her something pretty, but not too kitschy. Or maybe I told her I'd get her a miniature terra-cotta soldier. I'm not sure which.

I guess I should get on that whole "being a responsible student and world traveller" bit. On the plus side, I do have a nice shiny new phone (not even two weeks old yet!) that's world-capable. It'll take Verizon and its affiliates, plus it's got a slot for a SIM card so I can do GSM networks (aka a Chinese wireless provider). So, once I get my Chinese phone number, I'll post it here.

If you're reading this off a syndication feed, like on Facebook, you won't get the benefits of the links page on my Livejournal page. So, for your reference:
  • Trip itinerary, to be changed at our professors' will. I'll try and keep it up to date, as it'll serve as a historical document.
  • Photo gallery hosted on my personal server, where I'll be putting up all the hi-res photos for UDaily.

By the way, did I mention that UDaily sent a note to our trip director asking for blogs and photos of the Games? Yup, it's true! So you might see some quotes and photos straight from this blog! I'm not getting paid, but I DARN WELL BETTER GET CREDIT FROM UDAILY for the photos. ^_^