July 30th, 2008

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008 - Class, Billiards

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Today was quite uneventful. We had class in the hotel, lunch in the hotel, more class in the hotel, and dinner at the hotel. Although class was interesting, it got a little long-winded. Fortunately, our professor tells us jokes at the beginning of class to get us into the mood, like this gem:

What’s Mario and Luigi’s favorite kind of pants?

de-nim de-nim de-nim!

(Try it out loud. If you don’t get it, ask somebody who was born after 1970. Sorry, mom =p)

Riding home in the manager's minivan
After dinner was over, though, we had the chance to walk down the street to our favorite pool hall! All around our neighborhood, you can find pool tables, usually covered with a tarp until the evening-time. One store-front is a pseudo pool hall, with a roof but an open store-front and an window they can sell beverages from, for great prices: 2 kuai (about 20 cents US) for a 375ml (20-oz) Tsing Tao. China prices are amazing. We ended up attracting a crowd, too, since it was all Americans playing their two tables and then it was all American girls. Pretty hard-core, man, hard-core, rocking the billiards hall East-Asian style.

We fail again at weather, incidentally: there was a big thunderstorm coming in that we didn’t hear about, but the manager got a minivan and drove around the neighborhood picking up kids and bringing them home before it started to pour. What a nice guy!