August 10th, 2008

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Sunday, August 10, 2008 - Nothin’ Much, Stir-Crazy Movie Night

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Yup … Nope.

I slept in till 10am. It was glorious. I set the alarm for 7:40am, to see if we wanted breakfast. Rich didn’t even turn over and he’s a pretty light sleeper. So, we reset it for 9am. Rich got up. I opened my eyes and said to heck with it. Around 10am, though, I couldn’t keep my eyes closed, so I woke up and grabbed a little breakfast.

After waking up getting out of bed, I wandered around a bit and socialized. Socialization is fun! That seems to be my mainstays; when I’m home, I do work, I read webcomics, and I socialize. Here, I don’t have any work, so I just socialize. Works for me! Theoretically I’ll learn 象棋 (xiangqi, Chinese chess), and mahjong, and play those in the hotel … but that just doesn’t seem to be happening. Maybe when we’re cooped up again because we can’t go out on the town.

If you missed the news, there was an single attack on a pair of Americans and one was killed, so we’re pretty much under lock and key here at the hotel unless we’re going out to see the Olympics. That’s way too many kids adults students to have cooped up. So, yeah, we all were going a little crazy by the time 8pm rolled around. Solution: movie!

Movie Night

It was ridiculous. We borrowed Dr. Barlow’s projector and Court’s iPod speakers (which have a little robot that dances to the beat attached — wack!) and hooked up my computer to them. We made a projector screen by hanging two towels on the doors to the fire escape. Nina brought out her mattress. A coupla people brought out their comforters and chairs and we all piled up at the end of the hallway and watched Finding Nemo.

Afterwards, the kids wanted to order food at 11:30pm, since we couldn’t walk out and buy any. Okay, where can deliver? Hutong East Asia Pizza — nope, closed at 9:30p. McDonald’s? Nope, not this late. KFC? Nah. Anything else? Hmm … Amy, one of the front-desk girls, told them to go buy ramen from the hotel store. That’s what they did. Suckas.

Instead of ramen, I went to sleep.