andydoesbeijing (andydoesbeijing) wrote,

New photos in the photo gallery!

I uploaded a lot of photos last week when I was at Starbucks and I just imported them into my photo gallery. Go check them out at

I may or may not reorganize the photos by event at a future date, so if you make any bookmarks now, they'll probably break when I clean up the gallery. Nonetheless, you can download any pictures you like at small, medium, or original (huge) resolution. If you repost, please to credit me by name!

I'll try to get to a Starbucks and upload lots more photos and blog posts this weekend. Do yous care if I post text sans photos? Using the wireless by my hotel, I can post to the blog easily, but uploading pictures means I have to go to a Starbucks or somebody else's computer.

Also, soon to come -- an alternative access point for this journal to people in China, since the Great Firewall of China blocks Livejournal.

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