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Andy does Beijing, UDel-style

Shenanigans in East Asia

2 June 1986
My mother said to me, "You like Chinese. There's a study abroad next summer going to China. Oh, it's during the Olympics, too. Do you want to go?"
My reply before going: "Um ... yeah, sure. I guess I should sign up for Chinese again in the fall."
My reply after going: "Sweeeeeeeeeet."

I'm an undergraduate student at the University of Delaware travelling on a study abroad program to Beijing, China to study Chinese medicine and sport, HESC484/WOMS484 Women in Sports, and HESC4xx History of the Olympics, and to attend the Olympics!

While there, we get to tourist, learn about Chinese culture (especially sports and leisure), take a class, and, y'know, go see Olympic games.

This blog is a mirror of my personal WordPress -- http://andysacher.com/beijing/ -- which is accesible in China, unlike Livejournal.